Meet the instructors of the Breathe Again Retreat

"Breathe Again" Women's retreat has been curated by ANOZ to feed the Mind, Body & Spirit. Meet our workshop host and speakers below.

Sharon E. Webb-Richards is the Co-Founder of Anoz Spa Boutique, a NYS Certified Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Esthetician for over 25 yrs. She will give you customized tips to having healthy glowing skin. Sharon's goal is to help you on your journey to achieving your self care goals.

Sharon Richards

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Ina Visich is a certified NYS Yoga instructor. An Eastend entrepreneur who fell in love with yoga, Ina wants to show that love to the people in her classes. She practices balanced sessions for her clients in order to assist them physically and emotionally.

Ina Visich

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Certified Personal Trainer Marlon D. Briscoe is a passionate leader who inspires and motivates individuals to break through barriers to elevate to their highest potential through functional movement patterns infused with life. 

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Get ready for cycling with Nicolas Kane-Crescimanni. He teaches high-intensity interval training — the revolutionary and famously effective training method to advance your metabolism, heighten your energy, and keep you burning calories all day long. Amplify your fitness using technology designed to improve your body’s balance and stability.

Nicholas Kane-Crescimanni

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Holistic Lifestyle Coach Orlandina Balan, creator of the Flat Belly Tight Booty Bootcamp. Host & Executive Producer of tv show Muscles and Stilletos. Her mission is to help professional women reclaim their time and their waistline!

 Orlandina Balan

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Dianne Pamphile is a certified NY yoga teacher. Yogis of all shades, ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome in her class! She truly lives to hold space for others and teach body confident self care yoga.

Diane Pamphile

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Patricia Greene, RN has learned & come to respect the gift of living a healthy lifestyle as a nurse of 32 years. Wellness Consultant, Infection Preventionzist, and Wound Care Specialist, her goal is to help people take care of their health so they can continue to live in WELLNESS!


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Patrice DaCosta Fernandez is a fifteen year veteran in the business of Image Consultation and personal development. Her personal styling consulting brand “Stoosh” is inspired by her Jamaican heritage, which means “elegant, sophisticated and successful.”

Patrice DaCosta-Fernandez

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Breathwork is beneficial for everyone, and Lauri Spitz's own healing process benefits from sharing this valuable tool with anyone who feels a calling to enact positive change within themselves. Join Lauri on this journey and take the first step towards living your best, most authentic life.

Lauri Spitz

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